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Are You Responsible for the Actions of Others?

Many people in society today are so busy trying to control everyone else’s actions that they forget to take care of their own actions.

Moses was faced with a similar situation with the Children of Israel. There came a point when God was giving Moses the ten commandments. Moses and God had been discussing the Law in Mount Sinai. The Children of Israel got tired of waiting for Moses to come back down the mountain, they decided to complain to Aaron.

Aaron, in all of his political correctness asked the people to bring their gold to him and he would make them a god, a golden calf. He even made an altar beside the golden calf so they could make sacrifices to the golden calf.

When Moses and God heard the commotion, they became angry. Moses went down the mountain with the two tablets of stone containing the ten commandments in his hand. When He saw what was going on, he threw the tablets down and they broke into pieces.

After Moses destroyed the golden calf and spread the pieces of the calf on the water, he made the people drink the water. He then disciplined Aaron, then judged the people. He asked the people who wanted to follow God to come to him. Only the Levites had the desire to serve God. The rest of the people were destroyed.

Was Moses responsible for the decisions of the people? No. Moses was called to lead the Children of Israel to the promised land. Each of the children had to make their own decisions regarding following God’s directions.

In spite of the problems the Children had, Exodus 33:11 says Moses had an intimate relationship with God. They talked face to face as friends would talk. The reason they could have those talks was because Moses was doing what God told him to do.

We can be so concerned about the actions of other Christians, Church leaders, Government leaders, etc. that we forget to do the things God is asking us to do. Our actions are our responsibility!

Moses did not get discouraged from doing God’s work because of the actions of the Children of Israel.  In fact, he became a better leader because of those actions.

Moses asked God for three things in Exodus 33:12-23. When Moses saw the ‘burning bush’, he surrendered to God by saying Here I am. Now Moses was ready for another step in his walk with God.

  1. Moses asked God to teach him God’s ways so he could know God better.
  2. Moses asked God to go with him because if God didn’t go with him, people would not be able to see the difference between him and the other people of the world.
  3. Moses asked God to show him God’s glory.

God answered Moses by saying that He would do everything that Moses had asked.

If you are discouraged because of the actions of others, you need to do as Moses did: Ask God to teach you His ways, to go with you, and to show you His glory. If you do these things, you too will have an intimate relationship with God. You will be looking for His glory and not your own glory.