Got Living Water?

In Jesus time on earth there was a great disconnect between the Jews and the Samaritans. They were so opposed to each other, that they would not talk to each other. They would even walk down different paths so they would not meet each other on the path.

The response to people who believe differently than we, is the same today as it was in Jesus’ day. Christians cringe when they see someone who is homosexual, poor, drunk, abusive, are in a different political party, member of a different church, someone who is different from us.

In John 4, it tells about Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman at the well. The disciples were gone to buy supplies and Jesus was alone at the well asking for a drink of water from a woman who the daily custom indicated he should have nothing to do with this woman because she was “not one of them”.

What did the disciples do when Jesus was talking to a Samaritan woman?  They were afraid to ask Jesus what he was doing. They assumed that he was so hungry that he was not thinking straight. They wanted Jesus to eat something so he would leave the Samaritan woman alone.

Interestingly enough, many churches today, provide opportunities to have coffee and doughnuts prior to the church services so we can indoctrinate them to the way we believe. We want them to become members of our church. We want to get them out of the world that we are supposed to be reaching for Christ. We want them to become like us.

Jesus was not concerned about the outward appearance or experience of the Samaritan woman, nor was he concerned about increasing church membership. However, He was concerned about her spiritual wellbeing. Jesus wanted her to have the everlasting water that was only available through Jesus. He wanted her to have the water that would “become in them (her) a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Jesus was not interested in making the woman a Jew. He wasn’t even interested in asking her to be a disciple. He wasn’t interested in making her a Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, and Methodist, etc. nor was he interested in making her a Democrat or a Republican. He was not interested in making her wealthy. He was not interested in making her feel better about her past behavior. He was not even there to condemn the woman because of her past. He was there to give her eternal life; to give her freedom from her past sins. He wanted to fill the void in her life that had cause her to seek many different men. He wanted her to experience the love of Jesus. Jesus wanted her to have the living water flowing from her so that others would see the love of Jesus in her life. Jesus wanted to restore a relationship between the woman and  God, the Heavenly Father.

When our lives have a spring of living water flowing from them, we demonstrate the fruit of the spirit; we demonstrate the love of God.  We do not judge people because they are different, but we love them because Jesus loved them. Jesus wanted the woman to know the peace and joy that God provides for His children. He wanted her to have a restored relationship with God.

When we have the spring of living water within us, sexual behavior, wealth and fortune, education and position of the other person are not even considered. When we have the spring of living water within us, our primary desire is to demonstrate Jesus love to them. We are not to be concerned about church membership, but we are to be concerned about the restoration of their relationship with God, the Heavenly Father.

The Samaritan woman knew about Jesus. She knew about the Messiah, but now she believed the good news that Jesus had shared with her.  Her spiritual being came to life within her causing her to go back to the city immediately and tell her people about Jesus, the living water, the Messiah. She was so anxious to tell them that she left the jug of water at the well. She wanted them to experience the living water that Jesus had offered her.

When we have the spring of living water within us, we become so excited that we go tell other people about the living water,  the Messiah.  Our daily concerns should be put behind us as we go to share God’s love with other people. Sharing God’s love should become our primary purpose in life, it should flow from us like water from a spring.