I was the treasurer of this little band of men

I need to find a way to fill the kitty up again.


I had been with Jesus for many weeks and days

I was in charge of the money that we spent in many ways.


I had observed Jesus action when the Pharisees attack.

He would ask a question, but the answers they would lack.


He said he would build a kingdom down here on this earth.

And if you know the scriptures, He was born of virgin birth.


The money’s running low now; we gave so much to the poor.

He is to build a kingdom but we couldn’t even buy a door!


The high priests wanted Jesus and I knew where he would be.

If I showed them where to go, thirty shekels they’d give me


With this money in the kitty we could really help the poor.

But if we’re to build a kingdom we will still need to have some more.


Before, when men attack him He would always get away.

So I assumed that’s what would happen on that fateful day.


They gave to me the money, so the plan would work that day.

But when I kissed the Savior, He didn’t get away.


Peter tried to protect him and cut off the servant ear.

But Jesus then rebuked him: “The scripture’s fulfilled here.”


What on earth has happened to my carefully, thought out plan?

Those servants just arrested Him like any common man.


Those servants took the master as off to court they go.

Were they really going to kill Him? I really didn’t know.


It was then that I realized that my plans had really failed.

They took away the Master and to a tree they nailed.


What can I do with this money? Can I deal with all this strife?

I will return the money and then I’ll take my life.


So many times we have a plan and then to prayer we go.

We ask that He will bless it, no faith in Him we show.


Are you like this man named Judas, as your future you will plan?

Do you trust the Savior? Or do you trust in man?